Course curriculum

  • 1

    About Urban Teachers (Mission, Vision, Values)

    • Introduction to Course: Who are we?

    • Check for Understanding: Host Teacher's Role

  • 2

    Host Teachers Expectations and Support

    • What role do you play in Urban Teachers, and what can you expect?

    • Check for Understanding: HT Expectations

  • 3

    The Host Teacher x UT Resident Teacher Partnership

    • The Resident's Experience With You, The Host Teacher

    • Check for Understanding 3: The Partnership

  • 4

    Resident Expectations and Commitments

    • Understanding What Residency Year Looks Like For The Resident

  • 5

    Resident Feedback and Evaluations

    • Providing Feedback To Residents As A Means of Support

    • Check for Understanding 4: Feedback and Evaluation

  • 6

    Wrapping This Up

    • Closing Reminders And Next Steps

    • Check for Understanding 5: Contacting Folks